Why Graffiti Isn't Just For Walls

Whether you think it's cool or you think it's a crime, there's no denying that graffiti is everywhere you look. From the little scribbles on lampposts to the massive murals on the sides of buildings, street art has become a normal part of life - as much as the authorities would have you believe otherwise.

It's no longer restricted to walls though and is now as big a part of menswear as it is the streets with spray-paint splattered denim and jackets and graffiti style prints on tees and bombers. With the trend for distressing and customised garms continues, one that's perfectly represented throughout our denim workshop, it's no wonder that the next step on the 'worn in' ladder was for paint.

Paint Splatter Detailing

Each of the two styles gives a totally unique street-ready look and whilst it looks good, it's best not to wear a whole outfit worth of paint splattered gear. Instead pick one item and use it as a statement piece. Wear a pair of paint splattered jeans with a plain white t-shirt and a black bomber jacket to keep things simple. Going for a graffiti bomber? Go for a pair of stonewashed jeans and a longline t-shirt then finish things off with a pair of low-top trainers.

Graffiti MAN Prints