What Is Workwear?

Workwear is a term used to describe what was formerly a very distinct look that is commonly made up of denim, heavy cottons and knitwear. Blurring the lines between function and fashion, it’s a trend that stems from the outfits of those working in manual labour jobs such as mechanics, pilots and miners, with an emphasis on both the way their clothes interact with their workplace and on layering up to stay dry and warm.

Over time, the demands of our workplaces have changed with more people sat behind a desk at a computer than ploughing fields. Thanks to this, these classic workwear pieces have made ended up forming part of our every day wardrobe.

Denim is a prime example of this. Once upon a time, the people who wore denim were thought of in a rather derogatory way. Fast-forward a century; a couple of revolutionary trends like punk and all of a sudden you’ve got something that everybody owns. Knitwear falls into the same category, with roots on the fishing boats that tear across the ocean day in, day out. 

AW16 has seen workwear become an inspiration for a number of the boohooMAN trends. The Utility, Urban Explorer & Atlantic trends having all developed refreshing updates on classic workwear styles.  The Fisherman Knitted Sweaters and Padded Parka Jackets are a prime example of this, alongside the borg lined pieces such as the worker boots. Denim features heavily throughout with blown out knees, biker details and patches prominent alongside plain indigo and monochromatic styles. 

It’s safe to say that workwear is no longer restricted to the workplace, but with so much of it available now  is it really workwear anyway?