What Christmas Jumper Are You?

Festive jumpers have come a long way in recent times and are no longer just a poorly constructed piece knitted by your gran to be worn once on Christmas day – all of the feels. So to get into the festive spirit, just in time for those office Christmas parties, we’ve pulled together our favourite festive sweaters that you won’t want to take off this winter.

What Christmas jumper are you?

The Classic Christmas Jumper

What can be more festive than a classic Christmas jumper? Taking after the jumpers that we’ve worn throughout December for decades, the classic Christmas jumper looks just like the ones that your gran used to knit for you when you were younger. You love a no-nonsense Christmas, just like the ones in the movies.

The Funny Christmas Jumper

The type of jumper that makes you laugh the moment you see it, usually something to do with santa doing something he shouldn’t or a snowman dressed in comedy clobber. Your Christmas isn’t complete without a little bit of fun and it’s normally you that’s playing the pranks.

The Cheesy Christmas Jumper

Your Christmas jumper is an absolute cheese-fest. It’s likely a little bit novelty with a Christmas cracker style pun on the front or an all over print of some kind of Christmas food. Reindeers and Elves are in too.

The Pop Culture Christmas Jumper

Christmas is all about Christmas movies. You probably start off with Home Alone during the last week of November and gradually make your way to Elf on Christmas Eve. A Christmas Carol is strictly reserved for the big day though. Your Christmas Jumper tells the story and likely has song lyrics, movie quote or a celebrity on the front.

The Naughty Christmas Jumper

Your attempt at a Christmas jumper is definitely PG13 but still brings laughter all around. Usually found with a pun about Jingling Bells or Grabbing Baubles. Santa is normally involved in some pretty precarious positions too. Whatever you get up to over the festive period, it’s likely to get you on the naughty list.

The Cool Christmas Jumper

Your Christmas is all about not embracing Christmas. You’d prefer to be on a beach somewhere in the sun or down the pub with your mates instead of sitting around with your family. Your Christmas jumper is about food, drink or just plain hating Christmas.