Valentine's Schmalentines

Not looking forward to the pressure of Valentine's Day? Don't worry, not all of our dates have gone that well in the past. Here's a few nightmares from the team at HQ. 

I don’t think they approved...  

My worst experience was booking a hotel room for a valentine’s weekend.... then having to go and collect some expensive, sexy and let’s face it inappropriate lingerie that got left behind. My girlfriend at the time demanded I go and collect it. There were 3 staff at reception and they thought it best to hand it over straight to me without putting it in a bag or anything...

I don’t think they approved...

Graham R – Head of Photography

 I didn’t have the funds to cover it  

When I was (much) younger, after a date, we decided to get a hotel room, leaving said girl in the car outside, I went in to inquire on the price. I came back out telling her how much it was going to cost, not telling her that I didn’t have the funds to cover it until we landed at reception. Surprisingly it ended pretty well, she paid.

Anonymous gent (now at least)

Bucket of chicken for 1

So after a period of singledom I was set up on a "Blind Date” by a friend. She worked with a guy who she thought we’d have quite a bit in common. After much hesitation I decided that there was nothing on TV that night and the fridge was bare so spruced myself up and decided to go. I got on the Tube and got off at the stop only to find that my ex-partner was stood waiting across from the station. I text my friend and asked what the guys name was and to my dismay I was set up on a blind date with my ex-partner. 

I swiftly made a quick exit and got the tube home… stopping off for a bucket of chicken for 1. 

Fail at Life. 

James P  – Designer

Anti-Valentine’s Day night out  

awkward Valentine’s Day story happened when I was 18. I’d been dating my first boyfriend Sam, for about 9 months but he was away with uni so was missing our first Valentine’s Day together.

I decided to have an Anti-Valentine’s Day night out with some friends instead but text Sam confessing for the first time how much I loved him & how much I loved spending time with him. Unfortunately in my drunken state I text the wrong person & sent the message to my friend Sam from college who I’d become friendly with. He text me back the next morning saying how glad he was that I’d brought this up because he has feelings for me too! 

Joel  C – Buyers Administrator 

I hid it in a bush  

I bought a box of chocolates for my date but as I waited outside the venue, I could see him walking towards me, empty handed. Cringing, I did what any sane girl would do I hid it in a bush and fished it out on my way home, giving it to my dad when I got there!

Anonymous cute creative

MTV style music show  

A guy (who I wasn’t dating) filmed and starred in an MTV style music show DVD. Between emo videos, introduced by him and his mate, the words ‘I love you’ subliminally flashed on screen in a red dripping blood like text. Needless to say this was a little too emo for me!

Anonymous indie kid