TV Shows Returning in 2016

If you’re anything like us you won’t mind sitting at home a few nights a week when there’s so much stuff on TV! Loads of our favourite shows are coming back this year and we can’t wait!


David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are back. And it seems so far so good. Far from cashing in as faded stars, the duo’s careers have been flying since the last X-Files episode aired in 2002. Californication anyone?  The tenth season works on the premise that the X-Files has been re-opened but will Mulders faith begin to fade? Will ours? We doubt it.

House of Cards

Unlike X-files we haven’t had so long to wait for the next few on the list but it feels like just as long!  We might not have enjoyed Season 3 quite as much as the scheming lead up to it, but we can’t wait to see what President Frank Underwood will do now Claire has finally left him. What schemes will take place in Season 4? Will he win her back? We’re already obsessed!

Game of Thrones

Whatever you say, we do not, we cannot, believe that Jon Snow is dead. We do however; believe that this season will be just as gripping as the last episode of season 6. But please, can everyone keep up. We will not be waiting to discuss it in the office for those who aren’t up to date. Be warned.  

Red Dwarf

Smegging hurry up! We don’t know much about this yet or even when it’ll be back but we can’t wait!