Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer

With Bumblebee left to maintain safety on Earth as the leader of the Autobots, the world finally seemed at peace. However, as the latest trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight released this week, we learn that Mark Wahlberg & Co are not as safe as they would like.

The trailer begins with the legendary Anthony Hopkins narrating scenes of war throughout the ages, from the medieval battle through to a war torn world of both flesh and metal. Optimus Prime has left Earth and it doesn’t seem long before the wrath of the Decepticons is upon us again, but why?

The trailer shows the world seemingly being engulfed by what looks a digital planet (maybe something to do with Unicron & Cybertron) but what is most surprising is the return of Optimus, and what looks to be a fight scene between him and Bumblebee.

As with most Michael Bay trailers, it leaves more questions than answers and we’ve become all too accustomed to his usual smoke and mirrors. So why does Optimus come back? What on earth is taking over Earth this time? What do the Decepticons want? Anthony Hopkins seems to know.

Watch the trailer from Paramount Pictures and let us know what you think.