The types of girls you'll find on Instagram

The girl that gets a little hashtag happy

Lives for the likes! The girl knows that more hashtags = more people will see it. She uses the #girlswithcurves and #skinnygirls hashtags in the same post because she can 

The girl that looks completely different in real life 

She's perfected her filters. Probably spends a good couple of hours editing before uploading, but hey she looks fit (on instagram). You arrange to meet up thinking you've scored a 10/10 and then don't recognise her without that snapchat dog filter...  

The girl that's clearly just had a breakup 

Suddenly starts liking everything and posts really inspiring quotes to let her ex know that 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'... Also loves a selfie (or ten) 

The girl that thinks it's #TBT every day 

She's still holding onto that picture from 5 years ago which got 10 likes and always talks about 'missing summer' so she can still post bikini pictures all year round 

The dog

And no, we're not just being really insulting. She posts more pictures of her dog than anything else...Fair play for the times it's actually doing something impressive, but to be honest we're not really bothered about seeing it eat, sleep and sleep a bit more 

The girl that thinks she's the next big thing 

Probably once got a free makeover and photoshoot and now thinks she's ready for vogue. She's decent on the eye, but definitely knows it...