The Essentials: Hoodie Season

The classic hoodie an absolute essential all-year round, but even more so throughout the early part of the year when it isn't quite cold enough to go layer-free. No longer just a cosy-classic, the hoodie has well and truly invaded the fashion world and has been seen on pretty much every runway show for the past couple of seasons. Whether you like them oversized, longline, distressed or just as they come, we've got something that will fit in your wardrobe. That's where things get a little more complicated, what style do you pick and what do you wear it with?

The Basic Hoodie

The Basic Hoodie should be your go-to for chilling out at home, coming home from the gym or heading to the shops at the weekend and is the easy option with it's no-frills style credentials. Just wear it over a t-shirt with a pair of jeans or joggers and throw a bomber jacket on when things get a little chilly.

The Longline Hoodie

Another one that is exactly what it says on the label - most of the time. The longline hoodie is like a slightly more styled version of the Basic Hoodie mentioned above, it often comes with zips or a little distressing. This one is less athletic and more streetwear and looks slick when styled under a check shirt with distressed jeans and chelsea boots.

The Oversized Hoodie

Not too dissimilar to the Longline Hoodie, the Oversized Hoodie is a little bit more street than it is casual but this time go for some Cargo Trousers and a T-Shirt underneath as the hoodie is going to be too boxy to wear it underneath a jacket. If you must layer up, wear it with an overcoat or Mac.