The Croft Off | Jolie vs. Vikander

Don't deny it Lara Croft, even pixelated in the original 1996 game, was one of our first crushes. Not only was she undeniably hot, she had some big assetsbeautiful, intelligent, athletic and she knew her way around a gun or two...

So when it came to bringing this character to life there was a tall order to fill and Angelina Jolie was  the perfect answer. Action star ready she only upped the anti on our Lara Croft crush.

Last night it was announced that Alecia Vikander will be taking on the role of Lara Croft in the new Tomb Raider Reboot, and we don't know what to think! We can't deny she's a stunner and she's already proved to have Croft qualities in Ex Machina: intelligent and beautiful - even as a robot! But can she compete with Jolie?

It's time for a Croft Off!

Bad Ass Level

Jolie can curve bullets in The Wanted, kicks ass against her future hubby in Mr and Mrs Smith and proves she's the best secret agent in Salt -and all with so much sass. Vikander may not have as many action movies under her belt as Jolie but when she does she doesn't mess about. The moment when she get's her own back on her creator in Ex Machina is down right cold, she even leaves the good guy behind -just ruthless. 

Jolie 1-0 Vikander

The Look

Vikander draws you in with that cute look but you can't let those innocent eyes fool you - poor Caleb didn't see it coming. This good girl gone bad look totally works for us. But Jolie is pure wild child bad girl with those tats and her famous lips - we don't stand a chance against those features. 

1. Should we call this round a draw?

Jolie 2- 1 Vikander

Wifey Material

Humanitarian, mother of 6 and Oscar winning actress Jolie has it all. Too bad we can't really compete with hubby Brad Pitt... awkward. Vikander shows of her beauty and brains in The Danish Girl and Ex Machina and and also has the hidden skill of being a professional ballet dancer. But more importantly she's single! Vikander Wins!

Jolie 2 - 2 Vikander

Actually we can't make our minds up, who is the true Lara Croft? 

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