The Band Tee

The band tee. It's pretty much a cult staple, right? What used to be a sign of absolute adoration for the likes of Metallica and Slayer has now been turned into a classic piece of streetwear thanks to the limited edition tour merchandise from Kanye West's Saint Pablo and Bieber's Purpose tours. These days, the logos of musicians both old and new are seen emblazoned across the chests of guys who likely weren't even born when the relevant album came out. But why should that matter? It's not like you needed to be around at the time to appreciate just how good Guns & Roses were. 

Given that, it's no longer restricted to rockers and musicians but has instead become something that everyone can get behind. With artists like Wu Tang Clan, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Tupac and Joy Division all representing classic albums, the band tee is becoming on of the must-have pieces for everyone. 

But seeing as we're no longer living in a 'Back to the Future' world; how do you style them? Well the old age mantra of not fixing what isn't broke comes to mind and sticking with skinny jeans, casual shirts and denim jackets works perfectly.