Profile On: Charlie Snell

Instagram star Charlie talks us through his fitness tips for a healthy 2016; all whilst sporting our Noir Sport range. 


1. Any tips for our readers for a healthy start to the year?

90 day challenge. Write down your physique goal and how you would like to look. Include weight, body fat and any physique improvements you would like to see. Divide it by 3. That's roughly your 90-day-goal - to get a third of the way there. Consistency and progressive overload is vital. 

 2. What motivates you to train?

The enjoyment of being able to train and sculpture a different muscle group each day. The feeling of the 'pump' (as mentioned by the legendary Arnie in his Netflix documentary) is also a great factor to what motivates me to train. 

 3. Fitness goals for 2016?

Achieve an overall better physique, paying special attention to my weak points. Additionally, I would like to attain a body fat percentage of below 6%. 

 4. How do you deal with food cravings?

I think about all the hard work that I have done my targets and if this the food in front of me is going to help me achieve them. If no, then I put the food away. It takes a lot of mental strength but over time you get used to this. Bringing in a cheat meal once per week helps prevent binge eating throughout the week, as you train hard and eat healthily, consistently Monday to Friday and treat yourself to a meal of your choice on Saturday.

 5. Do you stick to a certain diet when training?

I have 6 meals a day, with meals timed roughly 3 hours apart. Breakfast and post-workout meals are the largest as these are the most important times your body needs nutrients. Each meal will consist of 30-40 grams of protein. Carbohydrates are predominantly consumed at breakfast and post-workout. I also carb cycle throughout the week in order to shock the metabolism, which aids towards fat loss.