Packing Like a Pro

It’s that time of year where you’re likely to be heading home for the holidays and whether you’re just staying for the weekend or you used those last couple of holiday days to prolong the break, packing a bag and having to squeeze a couple of surprise presents in there is a nightmare. Our handy guide will make sure that you manage to fit everything in the bag and more importantly don't forget anything.

The Christmas Weekend Bag

The easy win. You’ve probably only got two days to think about so you can throw your stuff in a rucksack and get out of the house. But wait, you’ve suddenly remembered that you’ve bought your mum that extra present that she told you not to so you’ve got to sneak that in too.

The key here is to pack things that can be worn multiple times, seeing as you've only got a couple of days to think about this shouldn't be too difficult. A Fairisle Jumper fits the festive bill and a pair of slim fit jeans and smart enough that you can wear them to the pub, around the house and on those long walks with the dogs. Rolling things up rather than folding will mean less creases in the clothing and you can fit a little more in too. 

The See You in January Bag

We all know that one guy who saunters out of the office on the 23rd December with the awful ‘see you next year’ banter. Well unluckily for him, whilst the majority of us only have to worry about packing some parcels, he’s got to pack a small suitcase too. It’s not actually as difficult as it sounds, but who’s got the time for that over Christmas? 

Pack a couple of tees and two pairs of jeans - you're going to need an every day pair and a pair to go out in. A button up shirt for NYE works well and pack a Festive Jumper for Christmas day. Other than that you're going to be hanging out with family and old friends so a crew neck sweater and a pair of trainers should do the trick. Presents & toileries should go in opposite ends of the bag to avoid any disasters and the bulky clothing items should be rolled up and put in the centre. Fill the gaps with smaller items such as underwear and your tees. Lay your jacket out on top for easy access should it start getting a little too cold for just a sweater on the journey.