Mastering The MA-1

The MA-1 Bomber Jacket has been a staple in our wardrobes for decades. Since the airplanes of the 1950's could fly at much higher altitudes than the propellor aircrafts that came before them, the military pilots of this time needed something a little more functional to keep them safe in the skies. As the jacket began to filter down through society thanks to some black market & army surplus sales, a cult classic was born.

It was perhaps by chance that when the MA-1 became available to civilians throughout Europe and the rest of the world, an uprising was happening. During the 60's & 70's the English Punk and Skinhead movement really took the MA-1 jacket to heart and it became a fundamental part of their culture alongside acid wash denim, as it was something not readily available and different to what came before. Elsewhere, the love for all things Americana in Japan stemmed a love for military garments and the MA-1 became a staple piece for young men across the country, however the styling here was much more traditional with the aim to look like the servicemen who the jackets were made for.

It wasn't until the 1980's that the jacket really hit the mainstream, Steve McQueen's The Hunter took the MA-1 to Hollywood and from there it really began to blow up. The jacket began grew massively in popularity and was seen to be a must-have piece of outerwear. Soon enough it was regarded as an iconic fashion piece and was seen across menswear shows worldwide.

These days the MA-1 Bomber Jacket is seen to be much more street-ready and is ideally paired with a crew neck sweat or hoody and jeans. However you decide to style it, it's an absolute classic jacket that works well year round.