With a no bells and whistles album cover and name, you can just tell by looking at it that its just raw and real, Classic Kendrick!

This surprise album is said to of been Kendrick's “left over” tracks from his last album To Pimp a Butterfly, The tracks have been named simply Untitled 1,2,3 and so on with a date that we can only guess as being when the song was made.

After an amazing performance from Kendrick at the Grammys early this year we were not expecting this …

Listening to these 8 powerful tracks we can see that Kendrick is still talking about the real issues in the world politics, society and race.

But as we sway to the ending of Untitled 06| 06.30.2014 we come across Untitled 07|2014 – 2016 the only song in the album that doesn't’t have an exact date, did this song take two years to make? We then saw that the song lasted for 8.16 minutes.

We listen … We love but 2.42 minutes in we here a child's voice singing ”Compton is where I’m from is where I'm from Where is I’m from”.

It’s no Other than Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats son Egypt!! we then find that this 5 year old child prodigy Produced this song! 

 this 5 year old child prodigy Produced this song!