Kendrick Lemar Unveils Album Artwork & Track Names

Kendrick’s classic move of deleting everything of his Instagram until something big is about to drop has come around once again. Earlier today Kendrick posted the apparent cover of his new album DAMN with another following image of his new songs.















Looking at the song titles in order, it hints at some sort of story that flows throughout the album. Kendrick is about to take us on some sort of life journey with his words, and we are so on board.

We love the album artwork, nothing flashy just keeping it simple with the Kendrick in a boxy tee with minimalistic surroundings and his tracks lightly overlapping.

We have yet to discover the reasoning of the album being named DAMN but we are feeling the vibe, and damn it’s about time we get to hear it.

We are excited to see some features on the album like Rihanna and U2; we can’t imagine what the U2 track will be like, but never the less we will have the album on repeat the day it drops.

All titles being one word, now Humble is on their which came out a few weeks ago but his other track “The Heart Part 4” isn’t.  It’s been rumoured that this was a “diss” track aimed at Drake so maybe this has had an effect on the tracks ‘diss’appearance.  

The release of the artwork, track names and everything else Kendrick has done to intensify the album release has the globe ready to see if the music matches the hype.

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Words by @zigournie