Josh Beech

Read the interview and watch what happened when boohooMAN caught up with the affable Josh Beech; the model from South London taking LA and the music industry by storm. His debut solo EP Fight Strong is out now.

RJ: Hey Josh, great to see you! How are you?

JB: My single just came out actually, really excited about it! It’s called Fight Strong; it’s the name of the ep as well. It’s a little different to anything you’ll have heard me do; I was in a band called Beech for the last few years, that was more pop rock and electronic sounding, this is more of an indie rock anthem, the response has been great so far and I’m really glad the songs out there. Now I’ll move on to working on the album.

RJ: Music career highlight so far?

A big highlight that sticks in my mind is when I was in Italy playing one of my first ever solo shows, It was a completely sold out show; I felt like a Beatle, people screaming the whole time, I had to crow d surf to get out of the venue, it was great, but during the gig, there was this girl wearing a wedding dress, bit weird, so I leaned to my bass player and was like ‘ have you seen this chick in the wedding dress?!’ he said ‘yeah mate, she’s here for you!’ Went outside after the show and while I was signing things for some fans by the tour van, probably tour car at that point, maybe tour pushbike actually, this chick just came up to me and was like I want to get married, will you marry me?! Bit weird, bit intense!

RJ: Well, I was going to ask what your most Surreal moment has been… not sure you can top that?!

Yeah that’s pretty surreal! My most surreal moment in life was, I was doing a parachute jump for charity and shitting myself to be honest, not a massive fan of heights, I mean who really wants to jump out of a plane?! But it was for a really great charity; TrekStock. So, we got up in the plane, strapped me in and we’re ready to go until 2 seconds before we were about to jump; the pilot shouts ‘Don’t jump Don’t jump!’ the weather was too bad, I’m still hanging out of a plane at this point and its heading down; how they didn’t know a huge storm was about to hit I don’t know! So the pilot starts panicking; he’s never landed the plane with any one in it before! After a bumpy landing we survived; but it was pretty intense! I didn’t get to jump in the end either!

RJ: Wow that is pretty intense! I’ll make a not to check the weather if we ever attempt that! Back to the music, who do you attribute to being your influences?

It goes from Bob Marley to Mastodon, huge spectrum, growing up my mum was a huge Led Zeppelin fan and my dad’s a fan of the Beatles, I mean everyone’s a fan of the Beatles! So all the oldies growing up. When I started getting into music I was into a lot of Metal and punk, now I listen to a lot of Folk and indie and obscure, weird… I just love music, except I’m not really into rap. Right now I’m listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac, Gary Clark Jnr, I’m re-listening to the Foo Fighters; I used to listen to them a lot when I was a kid. Bring me the Horizons new album; friends of mine smashing it. And the Rolling Stones, I was never a fan of the Rolling Stones and now I love them!

RJ: Love Gary Clark Jnr, such a cool sound. Who would you love to collaborate with?

I’d like to do something with Paul McCartney; if he’s up for it; why not! I was really p***** off that they didn’t ask me to come on that track he did with Rhianna and Kanye West, I thought I was perfect for that, bit bummed out about that, maybe I’ll let Paul do a song with me one day, if I forgive him.

I’d like to do something with Bipolar Sunshine, who I know you guys have worked with; that might happen in the future, that would be cool, we’ve got a few mutual friends, he’s got a really cool sound, cool vibe.

RJ: Maybe we can hook you guys up!

RJ: What’s Next for Josh Beech?

For the rest of 2015 I’ll be playing as many shows as I can and getting ready to tour in 2016. And you’ll be seeing me doing music stuff; really focusing on that now, so far the response has been great so thanks to all of you! So yeah, Music Music Music! Filling the airwaves with the sound of … me!

Thanks Josh!

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