From Kidulthood, to Adulthood, finally, here's Brotherhood.

Have you seen the trailer yet? 

We’ve all been wondering for years if there was going to be a Prequel to the UK hit movie Adulthood.

 And the trailer is finally here

We can even see some new faces in this film with some of UK top Grime artists, Stormzy, Nines,  Skrapz and Bashy all make an appearance and it seems like stormy is a main character in the plot.

We’re hoping to hear that Stormzy is on the Brotherhood soundtrack but this hasn't been announced as of yet!

This film seems to be about resolution and burying the past.

We cant wait to see it, its said to be the last film of the trilogy!

Noel Clarke is back as “Sam” and it seems like this film is mostly based around him and him trying to move on from his past, as per it doesn't’t work out as well as planned!

If the trailer is anything to go by its going to be another hit!!!

“Every story has a beginning, every story has a middle, every story has end. BROTHERHOOD”