FESTIVAL SEASON: 5 types of people you'll see at every Festival

The 'I can do anything' lad 

This absolute legend will show off at every opportunity given, won't be afraid to challenge you to anything.  This guy can be found climbing the railings, hanging off a tree branch for a good view... pretty much anything.

The fashionista

 This guy has clearly spent the last 12 months preparing his outfit. Guaranteed you'll see the most crazy outfits at a festival. Ranging from your standard festival wear to over the top costumes.  

The solo dancer

No matter what music is playing, or even if there isn't music playing these people will be non stop dancing, not giving a care in the world if anyone is watching ( doesn't mean they're any good!)

The Creep

The Guy who doesn't even come for the music, simply just comes to creep on everyone. Top off, lying on the floor, laughing like the Joker... standard!

The Elderly couple that just wont give up

Werever you go  even if it's a Drum and Bass rave, there will be an elderly couple re-living their youth