Euro's Best/Worst Haircuts

Many things have surprised us so far in the Euros - let's not talk about England. But it's not just the football that's grabbed our attention, some of the footballers have stolen a little more limelight with some interesting hairstyles - let's have a look at the best/worst

Paul Pogba  

Pogba loves a statement shave - and for the Euros he went all out shaving the Gallic rooster which is featured on the French badge on the right-hand side of his head 

Marek Hamsik

Hamsik's hardcore mohawk looks like it could do some damage... nuff said

Radja Nainggolan

We feel like you've got to have one thing or the other - crazy hair or crazy eyebrows? The combo might be a bit much...

Aaron Ramsey

Ramsey's look had us divided, some reckon he suits it others not so much - but there's no denying you can't miss that bleach blonde on the pitch...

Gareth Bale

Ah the top knot, there's a word for these people but we'll refrain from saying it... 

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