Dressing For Christmas Day

Who doesn’t love the feeling of hurriedly running downstairs on Christmas morning to see if Santa has actually paid you a visit? Okay so we’re not kids anymore but the big day still brings the same anticipation and excitement as it always has.

Given that there’s less than a week to go and our Christmas delivery deadlines are creeping up we thought it was about time to give our suggestions on what to wear on December 25th. Given that these days, the glass of fizz early doors ends up being a trip to the pub in the afternoon, it’s better that you pick out something other than your favourite onesie. 

The Cardigan

Done right the humble cardigan can be a godsend. When worn with jeans, chelsea boots and a t-shirt the cardigan can be a smarter, and often cosier, alternative to a jacket or hoodie. The cardigan is something that looks equally at home around the house as it does in the pub and it's casual enough that you won't feel stuffy when spending some quality time with the family. The added bonus of being able to button it up or down helps maintain the warmth as you walk from the house to the pub in the afternoon.

The Flannel Shirt

Whilst this is pretty much a staple all year round, they come into their own over Christmas. Even though the majority of us will spend Christmas day at home with our families, that's no reason to not dress up. A flannel shirt is the simple choice because it keeps things nice and casual but will still impress your grandparents. Wear it with jeans and a tee and you're sorted.

The Joggers

Okay so whilst the first thing that comes into your mind is a tracksuit - it doesn't have to be that way. Wearing a pair of tailored fit joggers with a t-shirt, even a shirt, and a smart fitting bomber jacket or cardigan. Whilst you couldn't dress this way to the smart casual dinner on Boxing Day, there's nothing wrong with staying comfortable on Christmas Day without looking like you're still wearing your pyjama's.