Collar Styles

Penny Round Collar

What: The penny collar is probably the closest collar to the classic, but the points are rounded. It’s a cool collar and might fast become your new staple.  

Where: Smart casj events. You can use this collar to add a cool modern/vintage look to your suit or you can team with trainers; either way it’s a great style for meeting the parents!

How: Great with trainers, tailored trousers and white trainers, or smarten your look with brogues. This preppy style works well with chinos too. The Penny Collar is a great way to smarten up without looking overdressed.

Pin Collar

What: It’s a bar through the collar. Worn under the tie, it gives great elevation to your tie knot and adds a suave sophistication to your classic white shirt. Pins can vary is shape and size, from bars to pins in gold and silver.

Where: Special events, lads nights out, winter weddings, or even in the office. Be the best dressed; the guy the girls want to date and the guys want to dress like. Just don’t let it go to your head.  

How: A tie isn’t essential but it is kind of important to this look; the pin elevates the tie, giving you a vintage meets city boy vibe. Stay smart, polish your shoes and wear with tailoring.

Elongated Collar

What; Take a look back to the 70’s. The subtle but oh so relevant cut of this collar is reminiscent of the classic 1970’s shirt. Ask your dad.  

Where:  Work and weddings. Depending on your styling this shirt can also be a cool nod to 70’s day wear.

How: This is a pretty smart style and if you’re willing to go the whole way you should try a 70’s inspired print tie and maybe even some slight flares?! Otherwise, head for black skinnies, a denim jacket and suede boots.

Cutaway collar

What; Classic yet modern, the cutaway collar is best described as the collar with the tips almost pointing backwards. A narrow collar with a wide opening for a tie; this shirt is really popular with younger guys.

Where: Anywhere! Literally. Add a tie, or don’t. Wear it to school, or work; dates, or with mates.

How:  No tie or a skinny tie work really well. This is a pretty mainstream shape so is a great way to add style points without veering away from your comfort zone. Worn with a slim suit with narrow lapels and a slim pocket square, you’ll have the masses swooning.

Mandarin Collar

What: The mandarin collar is similar to the Grandad collar, it’s a short, stand up style unfolded like the conventional collar. This style never calls for a tie but can be worn with a suit.

Where:  Day, night, work, play. Anywhere that doesn’t require a tie.

How: The most modern way to wear this style is also the most vintage; front pleat trousers, rolled at the hem, with braces, classic converse or brogue boots. The mandarin collar excels however you style it; try wearing with a navy blue suit as an alternative to your classic oxford collar.