Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas just around the corner and our delivery cut offs coming over the weekend we’ve pulled together a little Christmas Gift Guide with a range of stocking fillers that will become the small tokens with the biggest impact. You’ve probably been planning your Christmas presents since last December, telling yourself that you’ll be more organised this year but let’s be honest – you haven’t been.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about an easy Christmas present is the go-to stocking filler; a gift set with shower gels, fragrances and usually some sort of toiletries bag. It’s the universal winner here thanks to the fact that pretty much everybody will get some use from it because we all need to wash at some point. With sets from renowned perfumers Baylis & Harding alongside some bathroom must haves from Man Stuff, there’s something for everybody from your mates, brother, dad and even yourself.

Understandably, there's some of us who would prefer to put a little more thought into our presents and will try to pack the wow-factor into them. Jewellery and watches are a good choice here as they're typical statement gifts, but clothing such as a jacket or an accessory like a hat or scarf are winter-friendly enough to be given as a Christmas present - and who doesn't like clothes? Whilst these may not necessarily fit into a traditional stocking, they certainly have the right feel.

What’s Christmas without a little bit of fun and mischief thrown in there? From Christmas crackers to what’s on the TV, no Christmas is complete without a joke or two and often the best stocking fillers are the ones that crack smiles not bank accounts. From the Claw Slippers that are guaranteed to be on foot before the big day is out to the Top Drunk card game that will get things a little loud, here at boohooMAN we’ve managed to make those last minute gifts easy. 

Remember to check out our Christmas delivery dates to make sure that you can get your presents on time.