Get Christmas Party Ready

With December finally here, it’s Christmas party season and regardless of how you feel about the party itself, the dress code only serves the purpose of stressing us out. Whether you’ve been hit with the dreaded smart casual or black tie optional – we’re pretty sure we can get you through it.

Smart Casual

The trick here is to be comfortable, it’s going to be a messy night so there’s no point in dressing too stiff. Trainers are perfectly acceptable, so long as they don’t look like you’re fresh from the gym and jeans should be your go-to. What you wear on top allows for a little freedom; shirt, t-shirt, knitwear? All fine. Layering up is even better.

Smarten Up

This is the middle ground. Smart casual has gradually become more casual so dress codes are now specifying that you have to smarten up to get through the door. It sounds more complicated than it is. Invest in a blazer and button up shirt, some slim fit jeans and desert boots finish it off perfectly.

Black Tie Optional

When you see the invite and the words ‘black tie’ can be seen, you had better hope ‘optional’ follows. If it doesn’t you have no choice but to suit up and get that bow tie out, but if it does we can help you out. The obvious choice here is a dressy blazer, but try adding some texture by pairing a velvet dinner jacket with a fine roll neck jumper. A pair of slim fit trousers and dress shoes work but try to continue the texture with those suede shoes you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy.