Bros Before...

In honour of Valentine's Day we're switchin' romancing for bromancing by celebrating some of our favourite male bonds... 

Seth Rogan and James Franco

2. @jamesfrancotv

On screen and off screen bros, these two will take every opportunity to be in a film together... And they can't refuse a good prank!

Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler

This pairing came together after they co-presented an award at the Oscars back in 2010. Through the love of sport their friendship was cemented at Andy Murray's match in 2013, where they broke the internet with their dapper style and selfie skills

Zac Efron and The Rock?

1. @dwaynej0hnson 2. @dwaynej0hnson

We had to chuck in a random one, these two have been near inseparable since they started shooting Bay Watch - a friendship clearly built around the gym

Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire

1. @dicapriboo 2. @dennyhighroller

These two turned a childhood rivalry, of who would make it first, into the ultimate bromance. Going to basketball matches together, being part of the self named 'p***y posse' at high school and later starring in Great Gatsby together. Bad haircuts and all, they did it together

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

1. @entertainmentboulevard 2. @entertainmentboulevard

Like Leo and Tobey, these two go way back. And with Good Will Hunting's Oscar win and now 'Guys of the Decade' award under their belt it shows that guys that win together stay together #winning