boohooMAN takes on LA

So has collaborated with Kylie Jenner's best friend Jordyn Woods for their new collection and guess who got invited to the LA launch party? That would be us...

Jaden Smith, Quincy and Tyga (to name just a few) were all in attendance, oh and did we mention that Trey Songz did a live set?! 

Cordell Broadus did the honours of taking over our snapchat (boohoo_man) for the night and let's just say if you don't already follow us, you really missed out! Snaps included a front row seat to Trey Songz's performances, a dance off between Cordell and Vic Mensa and some sneaky appearances from the likes of Hailey Baldwin and King Kylie herself...

What did everyone wear we hear you ask..?


Jaden rocked a print on print tee teamed up with a denim/flight hybrid jacket, topped off with a full set of grills. Imagine being that cool at 18? 


Tyga kept it casual in an oversized hoodie and jeans. This outfit was all about the accessories which included a long diamond chain and a rather large rock on his finger. We've done our research and according to urban dictionary  '424' means either 'the meaning of life' or 'want to fu*k?' We'll let you decide which one Tyga's representing... 


Most importantly...What did we wear?! It was all about the jackets for the boohooMAN squad. Detailed denim and cool camo were definitely a hit. 

Head over to our instagram (boohoomanofficial) for more exclusive pics!