boohooMAN of the Moment- Frank Ocean

This week’s boohooMAN of the moment is without a doubt one of the most hyped musicians around: Frank Ocean. 

After a four year hiatus, in 2016 Frank Ocean graced his anxious fans with the stunning 45 minute long visual album ‘Endless’, which intertwined the music with a video of Ocean eventually building a spiral staircase. Not wasting any time, a day later Frank released his second studio album ‘Blonde’, a universally acclaimed success which to many was the album they’d been waiting nearly half a decade for since the mind blowing music in his first solo album, ‘Channel Orange’.

Frank Ocean made his mark on 2016 and is ready to make headlines this year. Having collaborated with Migos and dance DJ Calvin Harris, for what is bound to be one of the main ‘kick back and relax’ tracks of the summer, ‘Slide’, Frank Ocean has his sights set on this year’s festival scene.  Releasing dates across the US, Spain, Denmark and Sweden, Frank also makes his first UK appearance since 2014 performing on our doorstep at Manchester’s increasingly popular Parklife Festival and London’s Lovebox Festival.

 Whilst the American singer/songwriter’s music may have taken a back seat for a number of years, his style continues to match his down to earth persona. Once a part of the notorious OFWGKTA, Frank Ocean portrays a laid back skater look with printed tees, over sized jumpers, skinny jeans, snap backs and hoodies but can turn up when it comes to the red carpet. 

Take a look below and see how you can style yourself like Frank.

Skater Vibes

Red Carpet

Ready For The Festivals

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