boohooMAN Meets... Dannic

Have your parents ever told you about illegal '90s raves? Maybe you attended one yourself? Well, said rave culture is the forefather of more modern-day EDM events like Warehouse Project, and festivals like Creamfields, Tomorrowland & Hideout. Who can you find at all those events? One Daan Romers, otherwise known as Dannic.

The 31-year-old DJ, hailing from Breda, Netherlands, has been backed by dance music heavyweight Hardwell and played some of the biggest festivals in the world, so we sat down with him to discuss decks, disco, fashion and what makes him tick.

When did you first realise your love for making music?

From a young age, I’ve also been interested in music – my grandfather introduced me to Motown, Funk, Soul which was a big inspiration. But I’ve always liked electronic music of all kinds. I think because takes the lead over other genres where I’m from in the Netherlands; it is normal to grow up around dance music and be inspired by it’s culture. I got my first residency in Breda – the same hometown as Hardwell and Tiesto – and it all started there.

You work with a lot of other artists; Hardwell, HIIO and DBST,  to name a few. Do you have any exciting collaborations coming up in 2017?

I do! I have a collab with Fedde Le Grand coming up, he is one of my heroes, and a fellow Dutchman! I can’t wait for everyone to hear what we’ve been cooking up!

We know you’re a great DJ, but who inspires you musically?

As I said, my Grandfather really got me into the earlier Motown sound, so I’ve always been inspired by Aretha Franklin,  James Brown and figures like that. Having said that, my peers, guys like Hardwell who have elevated to the top of their game, inspire me as much as the younger guys coming up through my label, Fonk Recordings. I find inspiration in lots of different places! *laughs*


You've toured globally and have events coming up all over the world  Do you love that music gives you the opportunity to explore?

Yes! I’m so lucky to travel and visit places on the other side of the globe – I’m actually about to set off on some American dates and we also have Miami Music Week next month – sure to be fun! I also just played a show in Manchester for Life In Colour which was pretty crazy – 4,000 fans getting ready to be hit with cannons of neon paint!


You’ve graced the stages at Creamfields and Tomorrowland, but what would you say are some of the most memorable events and venues you’ve played?

Tomorrowland is for sure up there; the first time I played on the mainstage was something I’ll never forget. We also hosted our first ever Fonk label night out in Amsterdam for ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) – that was a sell-out success!


Being a successful DJ must take its toll sometimes. Are there ever nights that you wish you could just chill at home and catch up on Netflix?

Yes of course, especially when I’m away from loved ones – I think everyone wants to just chill and Netflix when they can!


People can now leave messages for you via Fonk Radio, so what’s one of the craziest messages you’ve received?

It’s a lot of love, rather than the crazy ones! People shouting me out, giving us feedback on new music that we played on previous shows – I’m waiting for the day to hear when someone has proposed at a Dannic show though! *winks*


You tend to keep your wardrobe fairly simple; Is there a reason for this?

Travel! I’m not into crazy patterns or bright colours, I think classic is simple and effective. Plus – I can just take some items and switch them up when I’m on the road.


What are three key fashion pieces that you just couldn’t live without?

Black V neck t-shirt, Nike Air Max and my new Van Gils sneaker suit collection, perfect for the smarter occasions and meetings.


What are the differences between Dannic and Daan Romers?

Both are music-lovers but one is slightly more crazy than the other – I’ll let you decide which!


With new releases and tours dates growing for 2017, where will Dannic be this time next year? What’s next for the UK, any exciting venues in the pipeline?

For sure I'll be down in Miami for music week, same time next year – but before that we have a summer of fun! We’re already looking at some more UK dates for this summer and we’ll also be back in Bristol at the beginning of March at NYX. The UK fans are next level!

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