boohooMAN meet Tom Bertram


The key style advise from the talented Tom Bertram. We caught up with the singer-songwriter, just on the back of the release of his no.1 single 'World At My Feet'. And we couldn't wait to get  the low down on what he's been up to...

Can you describe your sound for anyone who hasn’t heard you yet? 

Sure! I’d say its at its core the singer-songwriter sound. So you can hear acoustic guitar on the majority of tracks. There is also some hints of Pop and Americana. That being said I like to keep each song different. Easy Listening has also been a comment I’ve heard more than a few times!

 You started writing from a young age; did you always know you’d get into music?

Yes, right from the day I dressed up with my karaoke machine in my room singing my heart out to Robbie Williams, out of my bedroom window hoping someone will stop and listen. (They did too!)

 What/Who were your influences growing up? 

Musically, my influences when I was growing up were people my family listened to. So being a 90’s kid, I heard mainly cool bands such as Oasis and Stereophonics, to solo artists like Robbie Williams. Who I also saw at a young age at Knebworth, and that really made me tune into being a performer.

Describe a typical day for you. 

A good workout, lots of food (healthy usually, maybe some treats), I spend a lot of time talking to fans online and engaging with them, I like to also give new fans music to listen too for free, try before you buy! And also writing and rehearsing. I try to make sure I speak to loved ones too and see them if I can.

What does your writing process consist of? 

I have co-wrote for a couple of years now with Tim Bradshaw, who is a phenomenal musician and writer. His work includes people such as David Gray, John Mayer, Ronan Keating and Boyzone among many others. So we write together a lot. But I will make sure I always go to him with some ideas in mind beforehand.

Are your lyrics influenced by personal experiences? 

Absolutely, I do not have one song that is not something I genuinely have felt. I couldn’t lie to all the people listening!

 What comes first the melody or the lyrics? 

Usually the melody, although sometimes I do come up with a lyric and think “yes! lets work with this” but then the melody comes in again to have the foundation to write the rest of the lyrics.

Who would your dream collaboration be with? Dead or alive? 

Elvis Presley. 100%, people are quite surprised when I tell them my absolute hero is Elvis. As my music isn’t very Rock n Roll or Gospel. But he is my choice, overtime.

What can we expect to hear from the album?

As I said, the songs are my experiences, so of course there is love songs. Also some songs about growing up in the 90s, which was awesome! And songs of hope and determination, inspiration is you will. That life will and should be awesome!

What can we expect to see this year from you? 

There will be a lot more shows coming up, especially with the new single ‘World At My Feet’ going to No.1 in the Official Unsigned Top Charts across every country in every genre in fact! So that calls for some shows. Also more music too. There will be a few new songs to be released over this year, and then I imagine a album of them songs plus a few more.

Any style inspirations? Describe your style in 3 words?  

I rock out checked shirts, jeans and chelsea boots most of the time. KEEP ROCKING 50S

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