boohooMAN meet Tiggs Da Author


If Tiggs Da Author’s latest track‘Run’ sounds familiar, that may be because you heard it on FIFA 16, or 2015's Rugby World Cup trailer, or maybe you saw him on Jools Holland? Or maybe just 'cause it's always played on the radio. We can't get enough of it at boohooMAN HQ., So we were very excited to catch up  with a current playlist star to get the latest on his style, inspirations and plans for the future. 

The track, featuring Lady Leshurr, is available now, scroll down to check it out.  

1.       Can you describe your sound for anyone who hasn’t heard you yet?

I would say my sound is soulful, jazzy, raw, witty, emotive and energetic.

2.       We read you’ve been inspired by some obscure 1960’s documentaries, along with Jazz… Can you elaborate?!

Listening to bands like Kiliwa jazz band and Fela kuti really influenced my style as a musician. I also watch a lot of documentaries to draw some inspiration for my songwriting. These could be about anything from the Watts riots to the Mussel Shoals sound Studios. I can draw inspiration from anywhere really.

3.       You collaborated with Lady Leshurr on Run. Are there any other collaborations in the pipeline?

Lady Leshurr was great on “Run” and yes I do have plenty of other collaborations in the pipeline but can’t say too much about them for now. I have a song out at the moment called Yay where I collaborated with a great rapper called Nines. I also recently collaborated with KSI. More to come though, watch this space.

 4.       Who would be your dream collaboration, dead or alive?

Andre 3000, for sure. His style and energy is next level. That’s something I try and encapsulate also. 

5.       You were born in Tanzania, do you get back much? Is it inspiring in terms of music and style there?

Tanzania has influenced my style of dress a lot and I go back every year around Christmas time to get some more inspiration. Their attitude also inspires me. They always look at the positives and spread joy. I try and do that with my music and just generally in life.

6.       Who inspires you musically?

Musically, I would say I am inspired by the likes of Fela Kuti, Ray Charles, James Brown, Bobby Bland and Andre 3000.

7.       What’s been a career highlight so far?

Performing on Jools Holland on the same show as Tom Jones was incredible and very surreal. I had watched the show for years and always dreamed one day I would get to perform on it. It was a great feeling to be chosen particularly as it was so early in my career.

8.       You filmed the video to Run in South Africa, where’s your dream video location? If you can top that!

My dream video location would be Zanzibar (Stonetown) In Tanzania. It is a Magnificent place, I love it there and would love the chance to film there.

9.       Who are you listening to at the moment?

Skepta, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and SZA

10.        You’re a pretty stylish man. Who are your style inspirations?

Thanks, my style changes a lot, depending on what I’m watching, listening to or places I have visited.  Right now I’m very inspired by South African fashion (Pantsula). This was a culture that originated in the townships of South Africa during Apartheid. It’s very colourful and involves high energy dancing.

 11.       What can we expect to see next?

I will be doing a lot more shows. I am just about to embark on a tour with Lady Leshurr around the UK. I will also be putting out a lot more music and videos and just sharing my vision with everyone which is what I love to do.