boohooMAN meet Seafret

We caught up with Seafret, the duo from Bridlington comprised of singer Jack Sedman and guitarist Harry Draper. Who, along with GOT star Maisie Williams took the internet by storm last year with their release of Oceans. If you haven’t already heard them, check out their inspirations, their style and how they met, and don’t forget to check out the album Tell Me It’s Real, out now. 

1.      Can you tell us about your music for anyone who hasn’t heard you yet?

 Jack: We've have always worked as a team in the way we go about writing songs. Our music is predominantly acoustic guitar and vocally led something that will always be at the core of our music, as that's how Seafret originally started. We combine a raw acoustic sound with electronics and other effects to produce atmospheres and to help emphasize certain emotions in the melody and lyrics. 

 2.      Who would you list as inspirations?

 Harry: All kinds of things have influence and inspire us. Our album is a collection of songs that we've written on our journey to where we are now. My main influence has been a guitarist called John Martyn. The style of his playing was one of the first things that inspired me to pick up the guitar. For Jack, singers such as Jack White, Freddy Mercury, Pavarotti, Amy Winehouse, Ray Charles have had a huge influence on him. Our favourite singers are people who throw out all their emotion and sing with feeling, if you do that, you've got us as a fan! 

 3.     How did you meet? 

 Jack: We first met at an open mic night near our hometown in Bridlington. Harry was playing banjo with his dad's Bluegrass band and was 15 years old at the time. I said "Who's that?" I was baffled by his playing. Later that night, he saw me playing for the first time in public and I think he felt the same. At the end of the night his dad came over to me and said we should try playing music together. We've played as a duo ever since that night. 

 4.      Great name, can you tell us where it came from?

 Jack: The name 'Seafret' came to us sat around Harry's kitchen table where we used to play every night. We got a gig in York before we had a band name, we came up with Seafret and had to throw it around a bit "Seafret?....Seafret?" Eventually we decided it sounded strange but different and we stuck with it. 'Sea' because we grew up by the sea and 'fret' from the fret of a guitar. It reminds us of where we come from and how it all started.

5.      Your video for Oceans is beautiful and somewhat harrowing; something I guess most people can relate to. Where did the idea come from? Do you guys have creative input on your videos?

 Harry: We worked with a director called Jonathan Entwhistle, he already had the idea of a young super hero theme and wanted to make a short film with it. When he heard the track, and we heard his idea, we were keen to put the two together and make it work. After going back and forth trying to make it emotionally and visually fit the song we were on set with Maisie. It was a special thing to witness! 

 6.      The video actually got 500k views in its first week?! How did that feel?

 Harry: You can't describe how exciting it is to see that many views happen in such a short period of time. We found our selves addicted to checking the view count, probably every 5 minutes. What a buzz!

7.      You said in a previous interview that you love Tom Waits, would you say he’s an influence in your writing?

 Harry: We're both massive fans of Tom Waits, musically and lyrically. He has a way with words that captivate us and get us excited. That's the biggest reason of why he's influenced us, raw lyrics and melody that keep you wanting to hear more. 

 8.      How do you work on songs, what’s the process? 

 Jack: Songs can come from anywhere, such as, you hear something that sparks your mind off, you see something happen and can hear it in your head as a melody. A lot of the time just throwing yourself into a song and singing nonsense over a chord progression works. In can happen anyway, we usually start with a piece of music that Harry's playing. I'll say "That's nice, there's definitely a song in there". Then we start working on the rest of the guitar parts and melodies. When we write, we're a team and both chip in all on sides of the song. Once we've found the melody, I usually take the music away and write the lyrics to how I'm feeling at that point and then a new song is born.

9.      Playing the Spa in your home town of Bridlington, what was it like to play back at home? Somewhere you’ve been to see your favourite bands growing up?

 Harry: Playing in our hometown has always been a very special thing for us, but to headline the Spa was a mind blowing experience! The support from Bridlington has always been crazy. We've seen so many of our heroes play there, such as Jack White, so for us to stand on that stage meant the world to us and we can't wait to do it again.

 10.      What’s planned for this year? Will we see you at any festivals?

 Harry: This year we'll be spending most days in the tour van traveling from gig to gig. The festivals are now slowly getting confirmed, so we can't say much at the minute. We have been asked back to play at Glastonbury though, which is a dream! 

11.      Describe each other in 3 words

 Harry describing Jack- "Talented, daft, engaging."

Jack describing Harry- "Annoying, talented and funny."

 12.      Describe your style in 3 words

 Jack: Tricky! In three words we'd say our music is dynamic, raw and honest. 

 Check out their video for Oceans featuring Maisie Williams here