boohooMAN meet Raleigh Ritchie

 Right before the launch on his album, You’re a Man Now Boy, we caught up with Raleigh Ritchie  AKA Jacob  Anderson, to get the latest on his style, plans for the year and whether he’ll continue to act. With the album already gaining rave reviews, we can’t wait to see, and hear what’s next!

1.      Can you describe your style (music) to anyone who hasn’t heard you yet?

I don’t really want to impose anything on someone who listens to my music. I’d like people to take what they want from it, and make up their own minds. I’m happy with any feelings or descriptions as long as it isn’t apathy. 

2.      Would you describe yourself as an actor or a musician first?

Neither, and both. 

3.      You’ve had huge success in acting, will you still continue to act?

Of course! I don’t see why not i just do things that are either going to be fun or challenging. 

4.      Do you find to hard to balance Raleigh & Jacob/ Music & acting?

There's no difference. They are both me; i just like having fun. 

5.      Where did the name Raleigh Ritchie come from?

It’s actually a name created from two of my favourite characters in the Royal Tenenbaums. They’re both like me. They’re called Raleigh Saint Claire and Ritchie Tenenbaum.  

6.      What's been a career highlight so far?

I supported Run DMC, and got to perform “Walk This Way.” That was pretty special. 

7.      You’ve had great reviews of the album, are you nervous at all for the reaction?

A little bit; but I’m also happy to hear what people think. I think that’s the most important thing; how other people feel about it. 

8.      Who are your style inspirations?

Donald Glover. He’s cool. 

9.      What’s in store for the rest of the year? What’s next?

I’m going on tour. I’ll be playing in Bristol, Manchester and London. I think there are still some tickets, come down! I’m also going to get in the studio and start work on my next album…

Thanks Raleigh and good luck with the album, and thanks to photographer Vicky Grout