boohooMAN | Behind The Scenes

Yesterday we went on the road for our July/August shoot. Taking over Southport like pros. Beaches and 'break-ins' pushing boundaries to get the perfect shoot. Safe to say we took full advantage of our day by the sea, take a sneak peek of what we got up to...


Wake up fresh -  first location at the beach nothing like the ocean air to wake up the senses. Driving on the beach, kick about in the dunes - we almost forgot why we were there


Food time! Can't go to the seaside without getting a classic chippy lunch - even the models couldn't resist  

Rob Knighton and Bruno Fabre - our models for the day
Rob Knighton and Bruno Fabre - our models for the day


Let's take over Pleasure Land - with the park to ourselves we got some great shots. Messing about on rides, skating around the park - the boys were on tour...


All wrapped up. After a full day shooting the team were wiped out - time for a well earned beer on the beach 

Stay tuned for more from the shoot and our full story video 

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