Best of the Week 23/01-29/01

Another week goes by and it's again music that has come out on top thanks to a cross-atlantic link up and some posthumous verses that are sure to cause a stir. Away from the recording studio, it was the FA Cup Fourth round and as the competition heats up, so do the goals. 

Canada-UK Relations At Their Best

There's no hiding the fact that Canadian rapper Drake is a huge fan of the UK Grime scene. Not only did he sign to Skepta's Boy Better Know record label but he got the infamous 'BBK' tattooed on his shoulder as a show of intent. Since then, his love for London's finest went a little quiet until this week when he set out on his Boy Meets World Tour and previewed a track with Grime OG, Giggs. With no further information on what the track is or when it's coming it looks as if we're playing a waiting game - but it'll be worth it.

Til Death Do Us Part

The age old question of whether or not Tupac of Biggie was better will rage on until the end of time, but what is for definite is that Faith Evans and The Notorious B.I.G. were undisputed rap royalty. Back in 2014, Faith Evans disclosed that a posthumous duet album with her late husband was on it's way and this week we got the first track. NYC features Biggie's protege Jadakiss and is a sure fire hit. Listen to it above.

The Old Cup Still Has It's Magic

Source: The telegraph
Source: The telegraph

Some would say that the FA Cup has lost it's magic in recent years, but in reality who wouldn't want to list it come May? This weekend showed that undoubtedly, that old piece of silverware brings with it some sparkle thanks to a couple of sublime goals - none more so than Belgian Steven Defour's ludicrous lob for Burnley. Whilst knocking two past Bristol is nothing to shout about, that goal certainly was.