Best Of The Week 06/02 - 12/02

Credit: Entertainment Weekly
Credit: Entertainment Weekly

The Super Bowl pretty much dominated the headlines this week, with it's half time show and advertisements. Whilst this was technically Sunday over in the States, the time difference means that we'll class it as this week because by the time Tom Brady's New England Patriots lifted the trophy it already was Monday in many of the countries around the globe. Elsewhere we 

Tom Brady Makes It A Big Five

Whether you're a fan of the NFL or not, you will be more than physical demands of the game. A week ago, Tom Brady gained all of the headlines with a sublime second-half performance and single handedly took the game to the Atlanta Falcons. Having fell heavily behind during the first half at Super Bowl 51, Brady hit a record-breaking 466 passing yards to win the game 34-28. That's some record, and with that he claimed his fifth Super Bowl ring and many people were questioning if he's the greatest ever quarterback?

Stranger Things Is Back!

We finally have something to look forward to when it comes to 'Netflix & chill' as we finally got a glimpse of the next season of last years favourite TV show. Showing first at the Super Bowl and then filtering out throughout the week, Netflix gave us a very cryptic look at Stranger Things 2. Whilst it didn't give much away, the fact that Eleven is coming back to us (or are we going to her in the Upside Down?) is nothing but good news. We've got to wait until Halloween to see it, but check out the trailer above.

Great Britain Made It Through

A slightly strange bit of sports news made us all chuckle this week as Great Britain made it through to the Davis Cup quarter-finals. Not by winning, but by default as Canadian tennis player Denis Shapovalov smashed the ball into the umpire's face when frustration got the better of him. It's hardly an excuse to attack those in charge but with nobody left to referee the game, GB's Kyle Edmund won by default.