Best Dressed - Kanye West

What is it about crazy celebrities and changing hairstyles? From Britney Spears to Kanye West, any time one of our beloved A-Listers goes off the rails, so does their hair style. This week Mr. West finally made a public appearance after his exhaustion-induced breakdown, with the announcement that not only is he back at home and on the road to recovery, he's also back in the studio.

What was more shocking than his apparent recovery was his new blonde locks. Never one to shy away from being a little different, Yeezy was seen sporting dyed blonde hair circa Eminem-late-2000s. Aside from the gold top, he looked pretty well put together to say that he'd just gotten out of hospital. 

Dressed in an oversized sweat, skinny joggers and a pair of clean white trainers, Kanye again proved that he is the king of effortless cool. With that in mind, we've pulled together a couple of pieces so you can get the look but if you really want to go all of the way, you'll have to buy the dye elsewhere.