Batman Vs Superman

Batman vs Superman, its not even gonna be a contest is it? Surely Superman is gonna win every time or is he?! Ahead of its release this weekend we here at boohooMan are going to give you the definitive answer. Let’s start with everyone’s favourite dark knight Batman; Real Name: Bruce Wayne Actors: Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton First appearance: 1940 Hometown: Gotham city Powers: Being rich? Best films: it’s a toss-up between The Dark Knight and 1989’s Batman Worst films: 1999’s disastrous Batman and Robin Now let’s look at the hero of Metropolis Real Name: Clark Kent (Kal El for those in the know) Actors: Henry Cavill, Brandon Routh , Christopher Reeves Hometown:  Smallvile First appearance: 1938 Powers: Well you name it he can do it. Laser vision, flight, super strength and ice breath? Best film: Got to be the original 1978 Superman with Christopher Reeves Worst film: The less said about Superman returns the better So who wins? Well its obvious to anyone that Batman is the cooler of the two and has the better record of quality films and actors but when it comes to a fight between the two Superman’s always going to win! Let us know who you’re going to be rooting for Batman vs Superman is out 25th March 2016