Crash Bandicoot FTW

After an epic mini-game in the latest Uncharted game, Sony has announced that the first three Crash Bandicoot games will be remastered for the Playstation 4. And we can't wait! Let's look at our favourite moments from the 90s classic...


That classic dance Crash did when he won/completed a level - hip thrusts and all...

Spin it

Box full of apples? Frog about to attack? Grass in your way? Just spin through it - the only attack you need

Epic Chase

When being chased by a boulder or dinosaur was the biggest stress in your life...

...or being squashed by a door 

Best Level

This has got to be a crowd favourite charging on a tiger with Coco or the polar bear level that combined chase and riding - absolute winner

Aku Aku

What a legend! We'd have got nowhere without this mask taking the first hits - and when he went golden, you were unstoppable

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