5 Times Penguins Proved They're Boss

Since it's World Penguin Day we couldn't help but give a nod to our favourite flightless bird. They might be known for being cute but these birds are so much more! 

They've perfected the style out!

Yeah they fall over a lot but they know how to swag it out and pretend it was meant to happen

And when we say a lot we mean a lot

They're popular with the ladies

Forget diamonds, flowers and chocolates; male penguins gift their females with a simple stone or pebble (we wish it was that easy for us)

They're well hard!

Not only do they put up with the harshest winters, they know how to put up a good fight - don't mess!

They know how to make an entrance

Just look at the synchronised skill - where was this on our lad's night at the weekend?

The new man's best-friend?

We love dogs but just imagine if we had a penguin bringing the paper in for us - lady magnet or what?

Steal their style... Suit up!