boohooMAN meet Netsky

We caught up with the popular Belgium drum and bass producer and musician ahead of the release of his new album '3' which goes on sale 20th May. Featuring collaborations with Emeli Sandé, Chromeo and many more great artists, we can't wait to get our hands on it! 

1.       Is it true Netsky comes from the computer virus? Is this in reference to your sound.. Infiltrating the system?!

I picked the name when I was first getting into music production. A computer virus called Netsky.W32 ruined my computer one day. I thought it was a clever protest against music piracy to name myself after a virus. So when people typed ‘netsky’ in illegal download software like Kazaa or Limewire (God I feel old!) they had a chance to get in the same trouble as me.

2.       Describe your sound for anyone who hasn’t heard you

I grew up with Jazz, Funk and Soul. I like to think that I tried to combine those styles with the energy that electronic music and Drum & Bass have to offer.

3.       Who/what are your influences?

When I started I was heavily influenced by other jungle and drum & bass. Now I find inspiration in hip hop, soul and pop.

4.       Best perk of the job?

Definitely the travelling. I’m not one to get home sick easily and I love culture shocks.

5.     You have played all over the world… Anywhere you haven’t yet played but you would put on the top of your list?

I would love to do more work in South America. I feel like that’s unchartered territory in my style of music.

6.       You’re booked to play a few festivals this summer… where are you looking forward to most?

Reading and Leeds are always ones I look forward to but we’re doing some great new festivals in the states too like Panorama festival in New York, which is run by the same people who do Coachella.

7.       You’ve recently finished the Netsky & Chill tour… any tour highlights?

That was probably my favourite tour ever. My personal highlights were Beta Nightclub in Denver and Celebrities Nightclub in Vancouver.

8.       What 3 things do you always take on tour with you?

Good studio headphones, a book to learn something new (I’m studying for my private pilot license at the moment) and a mini usb keyboard.

9.       Best thing about touring?

For me touring is one of the best ways to clear my mind. There is a side to touring that is total escapism. I love getting back home after a long tour but while I’m away I try to live in the here and now.

10.     Love the video for Work it out… what were you inspirations?

Thanks! Powster, the company that created it killed it I think :) The lyrics to the song can be interpreted in many ways but we decided to combine a high school love story with a good work out.

11.       What would you be doing if not this?

I always wanted to be a pilot.

12.       What’s next?

The release of my album! Really excited to show my fans what i’ve been working on. I’m also working on a new revamped Live show.

You can pre-order Netsky's upcoming album here: 

In the meantime, here's a sneak preview of one of his latest tracks which will be included on the new album...