5 Lads You Meet At A Festival

With festival season just around the corner, it's time to get mentally prepared for the weird and wonderful people you might meet. This may be your group or the strangers you bump into along the way - either way they're definitely there!

The "I'm only here for the music" lad

They've been listening to the various bands in preparation - on vinyl of course. Constantly trying to educate you on who's performing when you just want to drink, dance and sing along badly

The "I'm only here to drink" lad

They have no interest in music and just want to get mortal. They think of it more as a lad's holiday and will try to make their own pub crawl

The Bear Grylls lad

They heard camping and ran away with it. First line of business make a fire - man make fire. He's a little odd but harmless and at least you don't have to do it

The 'What concert?' lad

Probably spent the first night with drunk lad and never quite recovered. Doesn't see a single concert because they can't make it out their tent

The Private Dancer lad

Absolutely on it with the latest dance craze. He perfected the shuffle last year and is ready for the new running man this year. Word of warning he's a bit of a tool...

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