Five Guys You'll Find At a Footie Match

Heading to a big game this Summer? We've broken down the different types of football fans you're bound to come across...

The guy that takes fancy dress to a whole new level

Wearing his team's shirt just wouldn't be enough, this guy wants more attention than the players.

The guy that decides to catch some Zs at a crucial moment 

All the excitement gets the better of him. He loves football, but he loves napping that little bit more.

The guy that isn't afraid of showing his emotions 

Tear we go! According to a recent survey, men cry more at footie than at the birth of their first child...

The guy that's beyond passionate 

He’s the one all decked out in the full kit and knows every chant, cheer and half time song by heart.  

The guy that takes it that little bit too far

He's not that bothered about the football, he's more there for the banter!

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