5 Guys You Find On A Lad's Holiday

If you haven't already it's probably about time you got your lad's holiday booked. Having been on a few ourselves we know what characters are bound to come along. So grab your gang and get it booked - just make sure you come back in one piece!

Dad Lad 

There's always one that tries to organise the group - a little bit too sensible for our liking. But at least they stop people from getting lost or dying... 

'You Starting' Lad

After one too many Stellas they think they can take on Chuck Norris, just make sure you don't get dragged into battle

Taken Lad

Always on the phone to his bird back home, and more than likely almost bailed on the trip altogether- this lad is whipped 

Naked Lad 

No matter what he's doing this lad can't keep his clothes on - you've seen his junk more than you've seen your own 

Ladies Lad

You don't know why/how but this mate is always pulling. There's a new girl every night - he could share the wealth every now and again...

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