2017 by boohooMAN

Let's face it, 2016 wasn't the best. With political unrest, the threat of war and more celebrity deaths than you can shake a stick at, we're glad to see the back of it. 2017 has got to be better though, right? We run through out top 5 predictions that would make the year ahead a little more bearable.

5. Leicester City will win the Champions League

Bear with us here, whilst their crushing Premier League form is nothing to shout about, teams from the continent haven’t quite figured out how to handle the foxes and this alongside the magic of the Tinkerman will hand Leicester the Champions League. Let’s forget about the 5-0 hammering by Porto because the job was already done, a nice R16 against Sevilla should see them reach the quarterfinal with ease and momentum will take them on from there.

4. Drake will leave J-Lo for Rihanna

This whole Drake/J-Lo romance is already being touted as a showmance in order to sell a few records and we’re not surprised to hear it. Whilst she looks incredible at 47, it’s hard to believe the Drake could and would look any further than Rihanna. Whether or not ‘For Free’ was a 4-minute montage to Riri’s talent’s we’ll never know but they just need to stop messing around and get back together.

3. Oasis will make music again

World Peace. Clean energy. Ending world hunger. A new Oasis album? All of these are what the world needs and 2017 may well bring us the latter. Throughout last year there were rumblings that Liam was hoping to extend the olive branch and get back in the studio. Supersonic made the headlines with some much-needed nostalgia but Noel was nowhere to be seen. Give it a few months and we feel like they might just put Manchester back on the music map.

2. Daniel Craig will do one more Bond

Producers say that they haven’t heard from him for months but they’re desperate for him to sign up. 2017 will see the 007 of our generation come out of retirement and sign on for another film and a rather hefty payment plan. MGM might go close to bankruptcy but the public will get what it wants. Let’s just hope that whoever gets the music does a better job than Sam Smith.

1. Kim K’s 3rd Divorce

This one’s a little bit of a stretch and probably the least likely but after a turbulent 2016 it’s about time he kicked Kim to the curb. With the pressure on for his 9th studio album, he needs to piece himself together and get back in the studio. With that in mind Kimye will be no more and all will be well in the world of Yeezy – just in time to prepare his 2020 run for presidency.